Each logo features an arrow pointing in the direction that best coincide with the respective sub-brand. For example, Maritime features a downward arrow to represent the sea. The original logo mostly represents the flow of transportation and the nature of movement, but lacks cohesiveness in a system with the sub-brands. This logo redesign introduces a cohesive system among five sub-brands under the main Department of Transportation brand. Each logo features a similar visual structure with a unique accent color relating to the sub-brand.
The motion graphic showcases various movements that symbolize each sub-brand. The Federal Aviation Administration is introduced with upwards arrows and an upwards movement while the Federal Transit Administration is introduced with abstract fast-moving arrows that give off the idea of trains passing by. The Federal Highway Administration is then introduced by a quick glimpse of road lines as if the frame is moving along a road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is introduced by downwards arrows which create visuals similar to that of a safety cone. The logo then transitions to the United States Maritime Administration with ripples to communicate visuals of water. Finally, the motion graphic concludes with a series arrows matching the colors of all the sub-brands and closing off with the main brand enveloping the sub-brands.
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