Create an exhibition that embodies what the graphic design program is at San José State. Develop a unique identity that maximizes strengths while communicating a narrative.
Design X is an exhibition that encompasses a visual interpretation of San José State University’s graphic design program. This perspective provides insight to create an idea of what the program is about by facilitating a welcoming, inclusive, and eye-opening experience. The development of a unique brand and theme unifies the exhibit and all its supplementary elements to generate a lasting impression.
“If something can be anything, it usually becomes everything.”
“X” in itself captures the essence of design. The letter X is a variable that symbolizes endless possibilities for how design can be defined. Design is ever changing depending on the community it is developed within and in return has high potential to influence the community on a broad scale.
Our exhibition is intended to be inclusive and lighthearted while engaging the audience and informing of our purpose. We want to reach students, faculty, and anyone interested in the program or graphic design field.
Through using all our concepts and planning, we brought our exhibition to life. Many of the details we implemented as we built the exhibit ultimately produced additional finesse to the overall outcome design.
If design X can be everything, sometimes it is more than what’s visible at first glance. We used augmented reality to show more than what we could fit on our exhibit walls, such as accompanying media essential to gaining a more complete understanding of a particular poster, or an exploded 3D view of the forms and shapes.
The short-term goal of the community wall is to captivate people’s attention when they are walking by to stop and visit the exhibition. After being greeted by the name of our exhibition, visitors will make their way to the left where they will see the interactive part. 

Design X you is a community wall where visitors can interact by connecting three keywords that best represent them. Our expectation was to have them tie their strings onto keywords and connect the closest pin in the word “you” on the wall.

Design X provides insight into defining design through the community it stems from. Our interpretation of what design can be reveals the characteristics of individuals within the community and how design is perceived in a multitude of ways. Our exhibition was created to cultivate learning, exploring, and contributing to the design community. By implementing a collaborative eort, everyone has the capacity to absorb, interact, and reflect in their own way. The community defines us in the same manner that we define the community.
From left to right, top to bottom: Robert Castellanos, Ngan Tran, Miranda Chang, David Le, Brandon Lai (Me), Allison Chen, Valerie Truong, Katherine Chen, Connie Hwang (Instructor).
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