In this project, I want to solve the problem of having to use multiple apps and services to manage money, pay bills, and take out student loans. The goal is to unify all banking services, billing services, and financial aid services into one single app. 
The main issue with currently existing mobile apps similar to this one is that they tend to focus too much on the transactions made on the user's account (it often does not update immediately) and does not focus enough on the user's available balance. The problem with having multiple cards from different banks is that the user has to switch between different apps just to manage each card from each bank.
Leaf is a one stop shop banking app for managing banks, bills, loans, and other financial services. It is designed for use by busy people who feel the need to keep track of their finances. The app allows users to see their account balances, make payments, and request loans across multiple financial accounts. The app offers useful features such as Bill Pay and Split Payment, which many competitors—such as Mint—do not provide. 
These features would allow users to pay bills using combined money from multiple accounts. The app breaks down exact amounts pulled from each account being used and shows the remaining balance of each account. Leaf also supports NFC payments. Users can add the virtual Leaf Card to their Apple Wallet, Google Pay, etc. from the app and use it to make NFC payments just as they would with any other card that supports NFC payments.
The Leaf brand derived from the green color of leaves, which relates to the green color of United States Dollar bills. The Leaf logo represents the flowing nature of transactions between merchant and customer. The app features themes in which the user can switch between; a light theme and a dark theme. These themes are mostly for personal preference between different types of users. Some may prefer a light theme if they use the app during the day as it allows the user to see the interface more clearly. Others may prefer a dark theme for an easy-on-the-eyes experience and to preserve battery power on certain devices.
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