Hi! I'm Brandon Lai

“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good.” -Martin Leblanc

In the same sense, if design is complicated, it takes away from its ability to communicate effectively.

My name is Brandon Lai and I am a designer who focuses on creating and improving user experiences to make lives easier for others. I believe the best user interfaces are the ones that go unnoticed. I strive to create user experiences that help people understand technology better and I believe technology can reinvent how people do things. With a background interest in computer science and programming, I aim to learn about new innovations and technology.

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Check out a few of my works

Interactive Timeline

History of Graphics in Video Games

Designed an interactive timeline based on the graphics used in video games. The timeline highlights the use of graphics in video games and how they evolved over time. It features many milestones in the video game graphics industry.

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App Design

Leaf Mobile App

Leaf is a one stop shop banking app for managing banks, bills, loans, and other financial services. It is designed for use by busy people who feel the need to keep track of their finances.

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Logo Design & Motion Graphic

Department of Transportation Logo Redesign

Rebranding of the government agency, the United States Department of Transportation. This redesign aims to visualize the concept of transportation through a series of arrows used in the logos.

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Web Design

Nvidia Website Redesign

Redesign of the Nvidia website in an attempt to improve usability and navigation while remaining simple and organized.

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An infographic containing various facts and statistics involving suicide, including leading risk factors and warning signs, most common suicide method, and suicide rates per certain demographics.

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Pop-up Shop Design

Rapid Journey

A pop-up shop design for Rapid Journey, an all-in-one regional transit service that makes it easy to ride public transportation all across the region.

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